PyMelt: An extensible Python engine for mantle melting calculations

Matthews, Wong, Gleeson. Preprint available on EarthArxiv, doi: 10.31223/X5JP7X.

PyMelt is our new open-source python library for calculating the melting behaviour of lithologically heterogeneous mantle. Built into pyMelt are a number of published models for the melting behaviour of individual lithologies, including the Katz et al. (2003) lherzolite melting model, and the lherzolite and pyroxenite melting models that we developed in Matthews et al. (2021), and others. PyMelt implements the equations of Phipps Morgan (2001) to calculate the melting behaviour when these lithologies are in complete thermal equilibrium with one another.

There are also numerous methods built on top of this for calculating other melting region parameters, for example the trace element abundances in lavas, the crustal thickness produced at spreading ridges, or the magmatic productivity at intra-plate settings. To get started check out our interactive cloud-based tutorials on myBinder!

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