Janet Watson Meeting 2019: From core to atmosphere- Deep carbon

As part of the Year of Carbon, the Geological Society of London are hosting a meeting for Early Career Scientists centred around Deep Carbon. Together with Lotta Purkamo (St Andrews) I am chairing the meeting. The first two days of the meeting will consist of oral and poster presentations, and mentoring activities run by prominent senior Deep Carbon scientists. The final day of the meeting will be given over to workshops about the future of Deep Carbon research.

More info, registration, and information about abstract submission.

Goldschmidt 2018

I will be in Boston for the entire week of Goldschmidt.

On Friday morning I will present a talk about my new dataset of CO2 and trace element concentrations in Icelandic melt inclusions, and what this data implies about identifying CO2-rich mantle domains both in Iceland and globally.
02c 310 Friday 11:15-11:30 abstract

At the Monday poster session Helen Williams and I will present our new Fe-isotope analyses on material from Iceland, and how these observations may be reconciled in terms of magma oxidation state, mantle melting and melt transport processes.
02b board 6 Monday 17:15-19:15 abstract

Goldschmidt 2017

I will be attending the Goldschmidt meeting all week, and will talk about my work on mantle CO2 heterogeneity at 9am on Thursday.

The roles of Degassing and Mixing on Volatile-Trace Element Systematics: Implications for Global Carbon Budgets. (05g: Ampithéâtre Havane, Thursday 0900-0915).

Magma mixing has become an important process in understanding how the geochemical variability of primary mantle melts is expressed in erupted products. In this talk I will argue that mixing has been under appreciated in the interpretation of the datasets that underpin our understanding of CO2-distribution in the mantle, I will use a combination of simple models, existing datasets and new melt inclusion data from Iceland.