2015-2018: PhD in Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge
2014-2015: MSci (1st class) Natural Sciences (Geology), University of Cambridge
2011-2014: BA (Hons, 1st class) Natural Sciences (Geology), University of Cambridge

Awards and Prizes

2016: DCO Summer School, Yellowstone.
2014: John Reekie Memorial Prize for Geological Mapping
2012, 2013, 2014, 2015: St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, Scholarships


  • Electron Micro-Probe Analysis of natural minerals and glasses
  • Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry of olivine hosted melt inclusions
  • Micro-Raman analysis of CO2 vapour densities in bubbles contained in melt inclusions
  • SEM imaging of natural samples
  • Python scripting for geochemical modelling

Field Experience

2017: 1 week of rock sampling in Rum, Scotland
2014-2016: Three field trips (1-3 weeks each) in Iceland, rock and tephra sampling.
2013: 5 weeks of geological mapping in the Glarus Alps, Switzerland

Grants (as Co-I)

2016: NERC ion microprobe facility- Does small scale volatile heterogeneity exist in the Iceland plume? [IMF616/1016]
2015: NERC ion microprobe facility- Does the volatile content of the recycled material in the Icelandic mantle plume reflect interaction with Earth’s surface? [IMF579/1015]



Matthews, S., O. Shorttle, J. F. Rudge and J. Maclennan, Constraining mantle carbon: CO2-trace element systematics in basalts and the roles of magma mixing and degassing, In Review.


Matthews, S., O. Shorttle, and J. Maclennan (2016), The temperature of the Icelandic mantle from olivine-spinel aluminum exchange thermometry, Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 17, 47254752. [Publisher, Summary]


A Significantly Hotter Mantle Beneath Iceland (EOS Research Highlights) [EOS]