Conditions and dynamics of magma storage in the snæfellsnes volcanic zone, Western Iceland: insights from the Búðahraun and Berserkjahraun eruptions

Kahl, Bali, Guðfinnsson, Neave, Ubide, Van Der Meer, Matthews, Journal of Petrology 62(9) (2021). doi: 10.1093/petrology/egab054

The Snæfellsness volcanic zone in Iceland is an example of off-rift magmatism. Melt eruption rates are much lower than in Iceland’s neo-volcanic zones, and the eruptive products are more alkalic and show greater geochemical enrichment. It might, therefore, be expected that magma storage and transport processes work differently beneath Snæfellsness. In this manuscript the crystal cargoes of two eruptions Búðahraun and Berserkjahraun are analysed.

The chemically diverse crystals record complex petrogenetic histories most likely occurring during magma storage in both the lower- and mid-crust. The Berserkjahraun crystals I analysed for melt inclusions (published in Matthews et al., 2021) contributed to this study.

The photo shows the panoramic view across the mountains of Snæfellsness, with the Buðahraun lava flow in the foreground.

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