VESIcal: 2. A Critical Approach to Volatile Solubility Modeling Using an Open-Source Python3 Engine

Wieser, Iacovino, Matthews, Moore Allison, Earth & Space Science 9(2), e2021EA001932. doi: 10.1029/2021EA001932

One of the new capabilities offered by our VESIcal magma solubility modelling software is the ease with which we can compare the predictions of different solubility models and perform sensitivity tests on parameters about which we make assumptions. In this article we review the most widely used solubility models and examine the origins of the differences in their predictions. We also use VESIcal to demonstrate the effect of neglecting the contribution of dissolved CO2 when calculating saturation pressures in H2O-rich arc systems. VESIcal also makes it very easy to rapidly calculate many isobar-curves, and we use this functionality to critically assess the utility of plotting melt inclusion suites on top of a single set of isobars.

To read more about the VESIcal software, check out the first part of the VESIcal publications. VESIcal can be used in the cloud by signing up to the ENKI server.

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